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Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal: “Margo Seibert, a superior singer who succeeds in finding her own way into the character of Adrian, Rocky’s plain-Jane neighborhood girlfriend.  … “Raining,” is memorable: “I wonder if / He’ll be back again / With his broken face / And his hard-luck life / And his sad brown eyes.” (Ms. Seibert does it beautifully, by the way.)”

Peter Marks, The Washington Post: “…two very likable, disciplined and wisely unsentimental performances from Andy Karl and Margo Seibert…”

Huffington Post: “…golden-voiced Margo Seibert…”

Elysa Gardner, USA TodayIn the musical, Adrian is played by Margo Seibert, a Broadway newcomer with a delicately compelling presence and a throbbing, textured singing voice that lets us hear the character coming out of her shell with Rocky’s gentle encouragement.”

The Wrap: “Early in the show, there’s a hopeful moment when Rocky’s girlfriend, Adrian (Margo Seibert) sings “Raining.” The song does what songs do best; they give us the interior life of a character without resorting to what the movies often must provide: voice-overs or best friends who can listen to the lead character’s problems.  For a moment, with her dreams defined in song, Adrian emerges on stage much stronger than she ever did in the movie.”

NY Daily News:  “…the cast is terrific, especially the two leads.  Karl brings lovable gruffness, hunky vocals and pecs appeal. He is solid in the extremely physical title role. Seibert turns “Raining,” a song about hard knocks, and the self-evident “Happiness” into high points.  Thanks to these fine actors you root for Rocky, the romantic lug with pet turtles, and Adrian, the girl he coaxes out her shell.”

TimeOut NY: “Seibert is also a lovely presence, Adrian’s slow-boiling passion for Rocky marvelous to behold.”

Broadway Seibert is just as good as Adrian, who slowly emerges from her painful fear of men, the result of living with her emotionally abusive brother, Paulie (Danny Mastrogiorgio). Hearts are sure to melt when she finally agrees to join Rocky on an ice-skating date and feels comfort while freely gliding. Her late-in-the-game exertion of independence from Paulie is as solid a knockout punch as anything else the evening has to offer.” 

Tamar of the River

Times Sq. Chronicle (Review)

“A star is born here in the work of Margo Seibert as the young Tamar. After this production you will completely understand why a million dollar musical will bank on this unknown with no prior Broadway experience. This girl could sing the phone book and make you believe it was relevant, important and beautiful.  She is touching, real and you never for once believe she is acting, she just is and it is refreshing.”-Suzanna Bowling (Times Sq. Chronicle)

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“I’m really excited for people to get to see Margo in this.  I just find her fascinating to watch on stage.” -Alex Timbers (Interview in Entertainment Weekly)