August 17

Farewell, Rocky Broadway.

It’s hard to know what words to say this morning. Today is my first time closing a Broadway show. And a fantastic show at that. You only have to sit among the families and first time theatre goers to understand how much this musical (what seemed like a silly idea) is capable of moving your heart while it blows your mind. It’s my first closing, but a spectacular introduction to Broadway. Thank you to Alex Timbers for giving me a chance. And to our entire artistic team for believing a “no name” could go the distance. Thank you to our producers and designers, crew and stage management, dressers and hair, musicians and their warden Chris Fenwick.  Thank you to my Debbie Sykes Seibert, Will Seibert, Alyssa, Case, Jahn Sood, Janet Patton, Caroline Angell, Carl Menninger, Mike Schwartz and the rest of my family and friends for loving me and cheering me on through the tech and the press and all the first times when I was completely overwhelmed and tired. Thank you to this exceptional cast of professionals!! You make me feel like this is where I belong. And to the man with whom I made this story come to life, Andy Karl, congrats. I am so unbelievably proud of what we’ve made up there.